Blogpost Responsive Infographic

Blogpost Responsive Infographic

Product Name: Blogpost Responsive Infographic
Internal Name: CM Blogpost Responsive Infographics

Description: Adding an infographic to a blogpost is easy, but when you look at the image on a mobile it seems to small, so tiny. Adding this module to your blog template makes it possible to upload 3 different infographics. One for desktop, tablet & mobile.


Step 1 : open the HubSpot Design Tools

  1. Go to the Design Tools and open your blog template to edit
  2. Add you CM Blogpost Responsive infographic just below the Blog Content module in the template
  3. Save the template
  4. Ready

Step 2 : Each time you add/ edit a new blogpost you will see a cube in the left sidebar


Click It and the module sidebar will open, now click on


The new modules opens:


Set alignment to all the infographics, then add a new infographic for each of the 3 different size


For best result, create 3 different infographic depending the body-width you have available

  1. one for Desktop - example width 1025px
  2. one for Tablet - example width 700px
  3. one for Mobile - example width 400px

Step 3 : If needed tweak the breaking point in the module itself






Works with



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