Inbound Marketing Strategy, Optimization and Migration project (HubSpot)

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Inbound Marketing Strategy, Optimization and Migration project

Liantis partnered up with leadstreet to optimize and help implement their Inbound Marketing, and help merge 2 existing brands (Zenito and ADMB) into one new company (HubSpot portal and blog).

The full scope of the project:
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Design of HubSpot blog Zenito, ADMB (2016, 2017)
  • Merge of Zenito and ADMB into Liantis (2018)

Inbound Marketing optimization and implementation

We implemented a Inbound Marketing Strategy in HubSpot, including webtemplates for blog, landing pages, newsletters plus lead nurture campaigns, etc.

Merge of 2 companies/brands into 1 new brand: liantis

Migration of 2 existing brands into 1 new brand in one HubSpot-portal. Migration of all existing blogs, landing pages, workflows, properties, ... for the new brand.

Technologies used


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