Inbound Marketing project

Bloovi is a fast growing platform for the digital industry. They connect all actors. Of web agency, online communication agency, e-commerce and online companies to startups. They share daily news, knowledge, insights and inspirational content. They do this both online and offline.

Inbound Marketing project

Bloovi partnered up with leadstreet to implement an Inbound Marketing Strategy (HubSpot)
The full scope of the project:
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Setup HubSpot Marketing portal

Inbound Marketing implementation (HubSpot)

leadstreet helped provide an Inbound Marketing strategy to the various target groups of Bloovi (readers, advertisers, event visitors, jobseekers, ...) in 2015. Facilitating the different business models with marketing automation. Including synchronization with the various databases / CRM.

Technologies used


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