Blogpost Custom Social Share

Blogpost Custom Social Share

Product Name: Blogpost Custom Social Share
Internal Name: CM Blogpost Custom Social Share

Add custom-tailored social share buttons to your blogposts

Design your own social share buttons with Leadstreet's Blogpost custom social share module and add them to your blogposts.

The module is fully customizable to your preferences, easy to use and responsive.

  • add an icon or image;
  • choose the shape;
  • set icon position;
  • order the flow horizontally or vertically and
  • give them the color you want.



Step 1: Add the module to your blog template

  1. Go to the Design Manager and open your blog template to edit
  2. Add CM Blogpost Custom Social Share in the body part of the template
    Add CM Blogpost Custom Social Share
  3. Save the template

Step 2: Modify the Options on the Custom Module.

Below are the options that are available on the module

Social Icon to show - These settings will let you hide and show an icon

Social icon to show

Specify Icon or Image  You can used either an "icon" or "image"

specify icon or image

Specify Icon Shape  The icon shape can either be in "circle" or "square"

specify icon shape

Specify Icon Position  Icon position means the way the icon will behave. It can either be a fixed or absolute. Fixed position means that the icon follow you as you scroll the page while Absolute position means that the icon is in one place only

specify icon position

  • Choosing the "Fixed" icon position will give you another option which is:

    Specify Class NameIndicate the class name to which location you want to add the social share

specify class name

  • Choosing the "Absolute" icon position will give you another option which is:

    Specify Icon Flow - The icon flow can either be "vertical" or "horizontal"

specify icon flow

Specify Colors on your icon 
These options will let you decide the icon color, background color, border color and the hover color of the social icons

specify colors on your icon

Specify Space Between Icons  You can also specify the distance between the icons

specify space between icons

Social Icon Image - These settings will let you choose the Images of the icons

social icon image


Step 3: Open a Blog Post to see the Social Share in Action 




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We offer free support on all of our modules.  If you have any issues with this module contact our support team and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

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