Content website (WordPress)

Essent provides customers with gas, electricity, heat and energy services. Essent (including its predecessors) has over 90 years experience of generating, trading, transmitting and supplying electricity.

Content website (WordPress)

Essent partnered up with leadstreet and ContentConnections to implement a content strategy in a new website (WordPress).
The full scope of the project:
  • New multilingual website (WordPress)
  • Newsletter

Content website (WordPress)

leadstreet realized a user-friendly, substantively strong responsive website for essent.be lifebyessent.be. Content Connections delivers specific, strong custom content that appeals to the target groups / Buyer Persona of essent.be.

Through feedengage, leadstreet's own Content Collaboration tool, content is unlocked centrally from production to the various publications (website, social media, newsletters, ...), and in different languages.

leadstreet took care of the design and development of the responsive website, the layout of the responsive newsletters and the hosting.

Technologies used


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