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Customize quote template

Leadstreet supported us with the development of our custom quote templates. The support was excellent and efficient. The team was very reactive. I recommend!

Quintin, N.
Sep 12, 2023

Professional and personal

Great experience. I especially liked that no one beat around the bush, but often answered very specifically with a clear "yes" or clear "no."
Thesinga, C.
Sep 12, 2023

Thanks to Leadstreet for the quality of the service and the excellent collaboration

Leadstreet helped us with the migration of our data to HubSpot, as well as the implementation of the CRM and the creation of a new website. Thanks to the team for their excellent collaboration; especially to Johan who is very dedicated, patient and professional. He really took the time to understand our needs and expectations and turned this long process into a very positive experience.

Pirmez, E.
Apr 19, 2023

The agency next door

Leadstreet is not only an agency that knows its stuff well. They also work with you in partnership, helping you navigate the HubSpot platform and become more proficient yourself.

De Meester, K.
Apr 11, 2023

Always so helpful and full of technical knowledge

Nothing is ever a bother for Johan, he's always happy to help and can always solve the most technical problems that I face. Being a new HubSpot user myself, Johan from Lead Street is always patient and takes the time to work through any questions thoroughly. Always with a friendly service and his technical knowledge is impeccable! Thank you for all of your help.

Griffiths, K.
Apr 4, 2023

Professional website design with fast coordination

Leadstreet recently created a new website for talentguide, and the result is impressive. The design is fresh and user-friendly, making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need. Throughout the process, the team displayed a high level of coordination and professionalism, keeping us informed every step of the way. Their attention to detail was remarkable, and they delivered the website on time. We were more than pleased with the final product, and we highly recommend HubSpot for high-quality website development services. Their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction are unparalleled. Thank you, leadstreet, for a job well done.

Toussaint, B.
Apr 4, 2023

Leadstreet for website design and development

Leadstreet was the agency we engaged for the design and development of our website, and the collaboration was incredibly seamless. The team, particularly Johan, was highly responsive, and we're extremely pleased with the outcome.

Tack, F.
Apr 4, 2023

Uitstekende onboarding en opvolging

Mijn onboardingstraject met Johan en Helena verliep uitstekend. Een uitgekiend traject waarbij niet enkel zaken vlot opgezet werden, maar verduidelijkt werden met praktische en heldere voorbeelden. Ook tussen en na de onboardingsmomenten door stonden ze steeds paraat voor vragen en een proactieve opvolging. Leadstreet, Johan en Helena: hartelijk bedankt!

Demortier, B.
Apr 4, 2023

Great partner for onboarding and regular support

Leadstreet helped us with a clear onboarding and individual support on many topics. It is a great pleasure collaborating with all the team, they always understand our issues and make the necessary to solve them. Thank you for the job !

Narboux, J.
Apr 4, 2023

Less is more, we know it. They prove it.

Leadstreet leads the way to a contemporary responsive website in HubSpot CMS. Less is more, we know it. They prove it. We had a very tight deadline. Thanks to Johan and his team of designers and developers we went live as planned. As a result Generation4 is totally ready to attract, engage and delight our future customers and candidates.
Natasja Stejic
Mar 6, 2023

In-depth HubSpot knowledge and very responsive.

Johan and his team made the HubSpot integration with our website very easy for us. We scheduled regular meetings to progress to the next stage. They provided (content)marketing insights that we are exploring at the moment. Highly recommended HubSpot onboarding specialist!
Piet Leemans
Mar 6, 2023

In-depth HubSpot knowledge and very responsive.

Johan and his team made the HubSpot integration with our website very easy for us. We scheduled regular meetings to progress to the next stage. They provided (content)marketing insights that we are exploring at the moment. Highly recommended HubSpot onboarding specialist!

Leemans, P.
Mar 6, 2023

Implementation of HubSpot at Business Life School

Sharp and quick advice on the implementation of HubSpot as Marketing Automation tool including GDPR 'best-way'-forward. Responsive, able to think with the customer, understanding needs and business DNA quickly. A good balance between advice and guide-through as well as stimulating self-help discovery. Thank you for this efficient service!

Emilie Van Nieuwenborgh
Feb 12, 2023

HubSpot assistance at its best

We felt we could get more out of HubSpot than the knowledge we had. Leadstreet provided excellent guidance and analysis of our HubSpot account to perfectly translate it to our goals within email marketing, database management, forms for our website etc. Can highly recommend.

Jonas Dick
Jan 31, 2023

Outstanding web design and service from Leadstreet

We recently had the pleasure of working with Leadstreet to design and create our website and we are very happy with the result. Johan and his team were there from the beginning to support us in every step we made to create our website. While they created the design, we were focussing on the structure and the content. We look back on a great collaboration with Leadstreet and look forward to more projects.

Samira Achaibi
Jan 31, 2023

Clear explanation

Good an clear explanation of HubSpot. Can recommend. They know all the ins and outs and also point out where to be careful

Jonie Oostveen
Jan 27, 2023

It's about the people, right?

Great responsive agency, I'm a newbie since 2015 in the world of MAP and coming from Marketo, HubSpot was an intuitive experience. Guided by the Leadstreet people made it a great experience so far. They have lot's of answers, and if they don't , they tell you or get the answer in 24 hours.

Kurt Vanderhaegen
Jan 24, 2023

Excellent delivery

Leadstreet developed a sophisticated website for us. The job was delivered in time and in close collaboration

Pieter Neels
Jan 24, 2023

Great match in every way

The team of leadstreet was very helpful and understanding. They dive into your business to get a thorough understanding of the expectations, the way your business operates in order to deliver an optimal service and product. I’m very happy with our cooperation and I couldn’t recommend them more!

Dominique Peeters
Jan 19, 2023

Professional and experienced HubSpot partner

Working with Leadstreet gives you a very reassuring vibe as a client. With their experience, they know the pitfalls and common problems when developing and migrating a HubSpot website. They guided us through the whole process and also afterwards they are a fast and flexible partner to follow up and adjust certain matters. What is very exceptional, is that with Leadstreet you never have the feeling that they are talking you into things in order to be able to charge extra, but that they always think of the best solution tailored to the customer, always with a long-term vision.

Britt Marlier
Dec 27, 2022

Beautiful blog that matches our website perfectly

Leadstreet helped us design a blog that matches our new website perfectly. They were very helpful and communciation was very clear in every step of the way. Would recommend!

Anne - Joule Hallez
Nov 30, 2022

Very helpful every step of the way

Leadstreet helped us implementing HubSpot from start to finish. Their expertise helped us from designing our landing pages to help with setting up the technical part like domains, URL's etc. Furthermore, leadstreet helped us with the first steps in automation flow creation.

Herbert Kerkhoff
Oct 25, 2022

Leadstreet - nothing less than professional

I enjoyed my HubSpot Sales onboarding journey under the guidance of Leadstreet's very own Michel Antonise. He was so dedicated to the sessions and had the utmost patience with me, always providing relevant content information and being structured and detailed. I recommend Leadstreet 100/100.

Magdalena Apostolos
Oct 19, 2022

Great help on migrating Pipedrive to HubSpot

Leadstreet is very nice to work with, correct in their communications and timely with their deliveries!

Bruno Verbruggen
Oct 19, 2022

Salesforce migration and HubSpot configuration

Leadstreet did a great job helping us to migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot. They were able to understand our requirements and current business processes. A migration is always a tedious and risky project, but by carefully mapping the two systems Leadstreet successfully moved over all data without issues. Also on the HubSpot configuration they provided useful insights and hands-on advice. I would definitely recommend Leadstreet as a very qualified business partner.

Peter Leclercq
Oct 13, 2022

Strategic, pragmatic and fantastic.

Johan and his team converted my website vision into a reality with HubSpot CMS. They provide strategic guidance on tips to follow and traps to avoid. LeadStreet Team is extremely reactive and helpful in implementing recommended changes. While my needs were limited to my website and my blog, LeadStreet will remain my main partner when moving to untapped HubSpot functionalities. I like working with the best ... and only a handful of HubSpot agencies have the Elite status. Thanks LeadStreet!

Tanguy Dulac
Oct 12, 2022

Leadstreet is a great strategic & pragmatic partner

They supported us very well in our process of implementing HubSpot (Marketing, Sales & Service Hubs) in our company. Their extensive experience with HubSpot integrations was very valuable, for fast tangible results. They are extremely hands-on, keeping things simple, they are able to get things done quickly. We would strongly recommend Leadstreet if you want your issues to be heard and your setup to be quick.

Oct 11, 2022

Prima opvolging en uitvoering

Heldere uitleg en prima begeleiding doorheen het volledige proces. Vanaf de onboarding over HubSpot tot de implementatie van de sales en marketing module.

Laurens Verbeke
Oct 10, 2022

Great partner for your HubSpot implementation

Working together with Leadstreet has been a pleasant and successful experience. With the support and guidance of Johan Vandecasteele, we’ve been able to quickly and efficiently set up our HubSpot environment. Leadstreet replies prompt and with positive outcome to our questions regarding the platform. We highly recommend Leadstreet as your HubSpot partner!

Luke Linders
Oct 9, 2022

Sales to the next level

Thanks to the flexibility, knowledge and skills of the team (Johan & Helena), we were able to set up HubSpot in no time. Their further follow-up was very accurate and fast. We recommend everyone to work with Leadstreet!

Pablo Oeyen
Oct 7, 2022

Onmisbare tool

HubSpot is gemakkelijk en overzichtelijk. Goede customer service. Wij kunnen de tool niet meer wegdenken binnen ons bedrijf.

Justine De Waele
Aug 6, 2022

An experienced and trusted HubSpot partner with professional insight into the E2E lead gen process

A true knowledgeable and experienced partner leading you step by step and providing you with guidance along the implementation of any E2E lead conversion projects including tips and tricks on how to optimize the prospect buyer journey. Always one step ahead of you and a professional and speedy follow-up of any integration, optimalization requests!
Sonia D'Hooge
Aug 4, 2022

Rapid API integrations/sales enablement and website work by LeadStreet

Ideon loves collaborating with Leadstreet's Johan Vandecasteele and team. We had already partnered with a well-known HubSpot enablement team, but Leadstreet was so much faster, smarter and better. The team is deeply knowledgable, says only what's necessary, and turns around quality deliverables in record time which is quite unique. We'll continue working with Leadstreet on Ideon's site, and are so impressed with them that we're introducing them to Ideon's clients. Thanks Johan and team!

andrea katz
Aug 2, 2022

Johan is a real asset

Johan has been helpful, informative, highly knowledgable and a great teacher. His assistance has been invaluable, and he is extremely fast to deliver on basically any request. The whole Leadstreet team are so easy to work with, very happy.

Will Windridge
Aug 1, 2022

THE partner for HubSpot MKT implementation

It has been a pleasant collaboration with LeadStreet, particularly Johan Vandecasteele and Michel Antonise. We were using already a well-known Marketing Automation tool before HubSpot and actually did not think of a change, at least just yet. However, with the introduction calls, then onboarding sessions with Johan, technical calls with Michel and those SOS calls with the team, we believe that this is the right decision to switch to HubSpot! Johan and Michel are super knowledgable about what they do, they know what they say. This sounds great right? But seems to be able to find elsewhere as well. So, what is unique about this Leadstreet team, are: . They really put them in our shoes, to really think about the suitable solutions for us . They don't mind stupid questions/ proposal at all :P . Patient and passionate . Down-to-earth in explanation and instructions

Aug 1, 2022

The most complete & clear onboarding sessions, thanks to expert Johan Vandecasteele

In a few sessions, Johan Vandecasteele gave us an elaborated introduction to HubSpot and has shown us some best practices on how to use HubSpot for Marketing, CRM and Sales purposes. Not a single question was too much. Even after a session, we could hand over additional questions to Johan by mail if something still wasn't very clear to us. The communication went very smoothly, and the sessions were easy to follow, instructive and given from a pragmatic point of view. Thanks to Johan, we discovered how we could drastically simplify our way of working by making proper use of HubSpot and all its features.
Sien Bode
Apr 13, 2022

Great teacher and indepth onboarding

Johan was a great teacher, making easy and fun to learn HubSpot. A lot of good insights.
Crispin Stensson
Mar 28, 2022

Fantastic collaboration

Fantastic collaboration with a lot of new insights. Leadstreet was able to switch very quickly and has in-depth knowledge of the HubSpot possibilities.
Pieter Feys
Mar 26, 2022

Great structure, kept the project moving & supported us throughout

Very positive experience with Johan & team. From day 1, we had a very clear structure to work from with visibility on what responsibilities should be managed from each side. HubSpot is such an easy platform to use with many features available so it was most helpful to have such a knowledgable team as leadstreet, to prompt us about some of the functionailty that we were not yet aware of and buld this into our website. Johan was a pleasure to work with and kept meetings very productive making a very efficiently run project from start to finish.
Jennifer Ward
Mar 26, 2022

Leadstreet gave us in-depth insights in the use of the CRM and sales functionalities in HubSpot.

We had a very good collaboration with Leadstreet. Most of the migration from Zoho and Active Campaign was done by our internal sales operations coordinator. When we were stuck in the migration / implementation Leadstreet was there to help us. Also after the implementation Leadstreet provided a training for sales in order to use HubSpot in the best way possible. We mostly like the pragmatic approach of Leadstreet / Johan. Nice working together!

Niels Vanden Buverie
Jan 24, 2022

Your go-to partner for your HubSpot implementation

After previously failed implementations with other marketing automation software providers, we wanted to be sure that HubSpot was the right choice for our complex business setup. Leadstreet enabled us to have a testing period of 1 month. I've never had (such a long) testing period with other firms. We could test all features, even beta features that really helped mimic our way of working. We didn't have to believe in marketing PPT presentations, we could test it out ourselves. :-) When we had questions about features or needed some other beta features activated, Leadstreet was really fast to communicate or activate. We had a weekly chat on how the testing went and about best practices to set up different campaigns. They convinced us that HubSpot was our way to go: they have already a lot of functionalities and they keep building. We're really happy that we've chosen Leadstreet to be our HubSpot partner.

Thomas Vanommeslaeger
Jan 24, 2022

Leadstreet delivers with the end in mind

Our collaboration with Leadstreet was professional both in service and in proactive communication; you would expect nothing less from a premium service provider.

Jan 23, 2022

Leadstreet is so great to work with!

I can't even tell you how cool it was to work with Leadstreet. The amount of support and service was top-notch!

Kristen Faiola
Jan 22, 2022

Perfect pragmatic & down-to-earth partner - just what we need 🙌

leadstreet is one of our favorite partners concerning marketing automation en websites. From the very first moment we’ve had a good match with leadstreet’s team members who guided & coached us in the setup of HubSpot. From the practical side, but also from the more technically part this team has shown their skills & expertise on specific topics (templates, css styling, cookiebot installation, dns setup, Google Tag Manager, …) each time again. Not a bridge is too far for them. They just put in all their weight to make it happen. We are very happy to have found such a reliable partner who thinks along with us keeping in mind our team’s expertise but also our limits. It’s the doing that counts & with a scale-up like Helpper we need pragmatic people who can shift at our pace. That’s why leadstreet has proven themselves each time again with their hands-on approach. Really curious about the next that has yet to come 😉

Elly Cools
Jan 12, 2022

Snelle service en uitstekend advies

Wij zijn een groeibedrijf binnen de financiële wereld (flexibele financieringen, leasen en renting) dat volop inzet op leadgeneration (via Google, social media en mailings) en optimaliseren van onze database/rapportages. Leadstreet heeft ons al enorm geholpen: hun medewerkers zijn klantgericht, geven snel en accuraat feedback/advies en denken mee met de klant. Wij hebben ondertussen contact gehad met 3 van de medewerkers, elk gespecialiseerd in hun eigen vakgebied. Een aangename, ontzorgende en - daar streven we naar - lange termijnrelatie.

Angelique Martens
Dec 9, 2021

Great cooperation!

We choose Leadstreet for our company website development we are very satisfied with the results. They have a great client-centric approach, are fast and reliable. They delivered a cool and fast website that exceeds all our expectations.

Petr Makovec
Dec 6, 2021

Great service

Very good, quick response, quick delivery, very happy with our website. Recommended!

Liesbeth Dejonghe
Dec 1, 2021

Leadstreet biedt een 'one stop shop'

Het was fijn samenwerken en schakelen met Leadstreet. Ik had nog nooit eerder een website gebouwd en had alleen het ontwerp van onze homepage tot mijn beschikking. Dat was mijn basis van waaruit ik begon. Leadstreet biedt een alles-in-één-pakket aan: je kiest een thema, ins ons geval 'Popular' en zet vervolgens de huisstijl goed (hier kon ik wat hulp bij gebruiken). Ze nemen je vervolgens mee in het maken van de back-up, bieden een duidelijke manual en als je er dan toch nog niet uit komt, zijn ze goed bereikbaar om je te helpen (dan heb ik het met name over het CSS stuk). Na de lancering hebben ze ook nog geholpen met het goed zetten van meta tags, en redirects d.m.v. mooie rapporten. Al met al ben ik zeer tevreden over hoe ons website traject gelopen is.

Wendy Kuipers
Nov 25, 2021

Professional, responsive & promise-keeping team.

We needed a new website on HubSpot's CMS. The main reason we chose Leadstreet was their ability to tweak the site design-wise. And I have to say that the collaboration went smoothly, despite the summer holidays and our not always clear requirements. The cooperation with the whole Leadstreet is great, they answer and solve everything quickly. The website was launched exactly on the agreed time and so far we are very satisfied, both with its design and the improvement of important metrics.

Martin Šůs
Nov 24, 2021

Top Service, Top Collaboration, Top expertise!

Leadstreet has shown the powerful combination of leveraging in-depth marketing/HubSpot expertise and being able to understand our business. As a result, they delivered topnotch services for our business. And , also important, we had fun working together. I would definitely recommend them!

Rebekka Van Acker
Nov 23, 2021

Excellent team with deep HubSpot expertise!

The team was great to work with! They have deep expertise in HubSpot and they took the time to understand exactly how we as a business needed to use it. Leadstreet is always quick to help and support and they always have gone above and beyond for us. Would highly recommend!

Caitlin Paterson
Nov 23, 2021

Fast & Professional

We really appreciate how fast and to the point Johan and his team are every time we contact them. We can really advise others to work with Leadstreet as they are a delight to work with.

Frederick Ronse
Nov 22, 2021

Great partner - fast, flexible, fun

We partnered with Leadstreet for the creation of new webpages and the migration of existing ones. It was quite an intensive project during which Johan openly communicated which made me feel at ease. After having 1 country live, Johan and team are now working with my marketing peers in the Netherlands, Italy and Austria to onboard them to the new site as well. Besides this project, Johan is very approachable and responsive to support whatever question I might have. Happy to recommend them!
Marjolijn Beckers
Sep 16, 2021

Fast, responsive and skilful team - Great onboarding experience!

Johan and the team performed exactly as expected after our introduction call: they acted fast, were very responsive when most needed and delivered great results overall. Would definitely recommend them

Jonas D.
Jun 30, 2021

Great experience, fast delivery

We are using Leadstreet's Modular template for landing pages, which works great for us. They have customized and tailoired it to our needs. Everything works perfect! Service was fast and very good. I'll always recommend to work with Leadstreet.

Lieven O.
Jun 28, 2021

The agency delivers top quality implementation support.

The popular Theme from Leadstreet covers all our requirements. The agency delivers top quality implementation support. They know the ins and outs of HubSpot. Highly recommended.

Matthias V.
Jun 24, 2021

Ann excellent theme and amazing support from the leadstreet team

We have built our website www.flofact.be with the drag & drop theme popular from leadstreet. It’s an excellent theme and we got amazing support from the leadstreet team

Michael T.
May 26, 2021

An exceptional partner to build on

I have worked with many agencies or external parties, but the service from Leadstreat and Johan exceeds ALL the expectations you can have from an external partner. The level of involvement, the follow-up and the approachability really make Leadstreat an exceptional party.

Karim L.
Apr 29, 2021

Great service

Leadstreet designed and implemented a great website theme which perfectly suits our needs. The assistance of the highly experienced team was a great plus. Would recommend to everyone running a SaaS business and looking for a future proof website.

Olivier V.
Apr 29, 2021

top notch pros.

Johan and his team really know HubSpot and how to make it sing. He takes time to understand your business and build exactly what you need. True professionals.

Thomas O.
Apr 28, 2021

Outstanding service

Johan´s HubSpot expertise is absolutely outstanding. Working with him is fun.

Michaela S
Apr 28, 2021

The Unsung Background Heroes

Johan & Johan, the owners of Leadstreet, a Belgian HubSpot agency: I call them the masters of the online universe :-). I almost got lost in the (amazing) HubSpot megacosm but these guys got me (and some of my clients) back on track. Humble as they are, effective and efficient like no one else. I love that!

Luk S.
The Visible Authority
Mar 6, 2021

5 stars service

While our activities were growing, the need for a CRM was growing even faster. We reached out to several providers and were impressed by the professionalism, rapidity, agility, and kindness of Johan from Leadstreet. Moreover, the solution he suggested fits our needs perfectly. On top of all those positive experiences, we can still get back to him for any questions who are handled within minutes. If you are looking for a perfect partner for advice on CRM and/or marketing tools, don’t look further and head to Johan.

Miriam C.
Feb 23, 2021

Love working with them!

I worked with leadstreet on two separate website projects for SAAS companies. They have in-depth knowledge of everything related to Hubspot, ànd they're inbound marketers at heart. This means you're not just getting web developers; you're getting a sparring partner with tons of experience in inbound and customer acquisition. Love working with them!

Steven S.
Dec 4, 2020

Highly recommended!

We’ve had a couple of workshops with Leadstreet to define our buyer persona’s and relevant content we can create and share for every step in the funnel. This helped us a lot! If we have questions, Johan is always ready to help us out. We really liked working with Leadstreet, so we highly recommend them!

Eleni C.
Nov 20, 2020

World Class Team & Execution

Leadstreet is a true pioneer in the industry, extremely knowledgeable across a wide range of topics, and always over deliver. At Anahana we have a deep ongoing partnership with Leadstreet and consider them an essential team member critical to our success in the implementation of numerous strategic initiatives. We trust the entire Leadstreet team implicity to provide honest and creative ideas and suggestions, while meeting timeline and budget considerations. They solve problems for us that are at the forefront of the evolution in digital marketing and provide custom solutions that are not available anywhere else. Simply put - we love working with them and I am sure you will too!

Clint J.
Anahana Wellness
Aug 20, 2020

A Company with Knowledge and Business feeling!

We heard about HubSpot and create an account. At first all went well but after a few weeks we had the feeling that we where not able to support our business at the speed and knowledge that they wanted. We contacted LeadStreet (Found them on the website as the live nearby) and we have never regretted this. LeadStreet has the knowledge and guided us in the world of HubSpot. Also, we are very happy with the reactions speed of LeadStreet on our questions and you can always call or emails them. So, we are very happy with the cooperation!

Thibaut V.
Cortina NV
Aug 18, 2020

Great team, great cooperation!

Working with leadstreet has been a positive experience for us. This was the first time that our organization started with a CRM system coupling marketing automation and sales in one tool. Johan and his team guided us through the different steps of implementing the CRM system and linking it with our current systems. In addition, they helped us set up our lead generation efforts, marketing automation, sales funnels and reporting. Even with more complex situations, such as setting up multiple lead scoring funnels for our different business lines and chatbots, Johan and his team stepped up and helped us master this complexity. If we had a questions, they were always ready to help Because of the Hubspot tool, content management, lead generation and reporting has become much easier.

Sam C.
Aug 18, 2020

Creative over performance and going an extra mile!

This is already a second time we are using leadstreet services. Both times they have been very attentive, very quick to solve issues and always went an extra mile to deliver a solution not only we are happy with, but they are also proud of.

Tomas Z.
Aug 18, 2020

Thought leaders in the field of inbound marketing

I organize a postgraduate training called Digital Business at Karel de Grote College in Antwerp. A big part of that is teaching the students how to link business goals to marketing efforts though inbound marketing tactics. I've had the honor of having Leadstreet's Johan VDC as our guest lecturer for 5 years now and his session plays a crucial role in the curriculum. Very knowledgeable and nice to work with.

Karel de Grote College Antwerp
Jun 7, 2020

Service, Service and Service.

After an intelligent workshop and a robust build, we got to know the Hubspot CMS more and more. Every step of the way we got supported by Leadstreet, not a single question was to mutch, even on an early morning when we had an issue with a publication.

Bob Deleeck
May 27, 2020

Guest lecturer HOGENT Digital Marketing Training

Johan VDC has been invited for 5 years now as a guest lecturer in our HOGENT advanced digital training course (Postgraduaat Digitale Marketing) : 60 entrepreneurs / 25 sessions covering all key digital topics to work out a successful strategic plan. Johan opens UNIT 4 Optimization with 2 sessions INBOUND. Evaluation is always very positive i.e. 8/10 average on several criteria. Johan is being appreciated for his well prepared, no-nonsense Hubspot presentation & demo. Relevant, visually attractive & framework nicely explained with facts & figures + cases. Johan is a good speaker. He smoothly connects to what this specific audience expects : hands-on hacks, insights and the right tool(s) to optimize site performance. He's also a nice guy making people feel at ease. Interaction is key in this training. Cool to see how many questions Johan always gets together with Leadstreet newsletter subscriptions, social spread and Linkedin invites. Guess what : you're invited for next year too Johan !

HOGENT Hogeschool Gent
May 24, 2020

A great tool to work with

Our IT specialist warmly recommended hub spot. It took some time to find my way, but Johan from Leadstreet was very understanding and knew how to give us the necessary support every time. Fantastic how it works both as a CRM system and as a Marketing tool. Creating professional newsletters is now child's play. The chatbot is great and allows direct interaction with potential customers.

Magaly De Smet MCC Coaching The Shift
Coaching for Heroes
Apr 23, 2020

Great service!

We have received very good service from Leadstreet. We have used them to help us with several in-depth technical topics with our HubSpot. These include template development and many different page load speed improvements. The service has always been great and very fast. We can highly recommend Leadstreet!

Heikki Laurila
Beamex Oy Ab
Apr 6, 2020

Hands-on and great insight!

Working with Leadstreet is a great experience. They know the platform through and through, and are ready to share their insights on inbound marketing within a heartbeat. I'd highly recommend working with them!

Social Seeder
Apr 2, 2020

Loved working with Leadstreet

We had a great experience working with Johan & the team at Leadstreet who completely build our website and made sure we have all the necessary tools to move forward. Always reliable and quick in answering our questions! Thanks for the awesome work.

Lisa Harroy
Jan 30, 2020

I would definitely recommend Leadstreet

Leadstreet helped us tremendously with us getting started on Hubspot: setting up the templates, importing files, respecting GDPR compliance, personalizing e-mailings, ... Thanks to them, we were operational in no time. They are very pragmatic and well structured in their approach. They are very reactive, helpful and supportive. I would definitely recommend leadstreet!

Jan 29, 2020

Great team, awesome results

We had a wonderful experience working with Johan, Johan and their team. They were able to quickly deliver for us against a very tight deadline, while making suggestions to help us improve along the way. 10/10, would definitely recommend!

Jan 9, 2020

Excellent partner

If you are looking for an agile and no-nonsense agency to help you successfully implement Hubspot in your business, then Leadstreet is definitely the right partner for you. Effective communication and fast follow-up. Good advice, useful tips and insights. Well done.

Jan 2, 2020

Leader in reactivity!

Leadstreet's team manages to react swiftly - and effectively - to each of our requests. Within a few hours we are up and running. And very often it's a matter of minutes.

Christian Luyten
Dec 27, 2019

A pragmatic approach

As we support our clients we also want to be served in the samen way. No high words, but real solutions that fit. That is what Leadstreet is about. Each time offering an answer that doesn't kill the picture.

Kris Sierens
BeforeTheHype - RooftopMay
Dec 26, 2019

Quick support and nice setup training

Johan supported us very well in our process of implementing Hubspot Marketing in our company. All questions were answered quickly and accurately. I would strongly recommend Leadstreet if you want your issues to be heard and your setup to be quick.

Fien Ghyselen
Husky Marketing Planner
Dec 23, 2019

Excellent service

Excellent service, valuable insights, quick response times, great results. We are very happy with the work done by Leadstreet for us.

Erik Bomans
Deminor Recovery Services
Dec 23, 2019

Great Hubspot Knowledge

leadstreet is always very quick in replying when we need help according to HubSpot integrations etc, They developed our website and are always great in thinking strategically with us. Once our website was created, the next step for us was mastering our HubSpot tool, which was brand new to most of our team. leadstreet helped us significant in setting our first steps in HubSpot. They also taught us to use the CRM Tool to its full potential. Right now we can still get back to him when I have a question and they dive in to give us the best possible solution.

Oct 24, 2019

Great strategic & pragmatic partner

Johan and Johan are great Hubspot partners to work with. While Johan VdC is the strategic sales & marketing guy, who helps you to customize Hubspot to what your customer & your business needs, Johan VT is the tech guy and your go-to person for all things database, integrations an more. They have extensive experience with Hubspot integrations, which is a tremendous help if you need to make choices, e.g. to set up your sales process in Hubspot. They are extremely hands-on, they help you to keep things simple and the are able to get things done quickly. We implements the Hubspot Marketing module (including blog) and sales module (our new CRM) with Leadstreet in just 6 weeks with tanglible results: we see our contact database growing and our sales team loves the intuitive CRM. Great job guys!

Taura Naturals Ingredients
Oct 20, 2019

Efficient and timely execution of a project

Johan and Johan were very quick to reply to getting a quote or solving an issue at the very end of the project. The execution of their team is top-notch whether it is setting up a simple module or building a custom solution. Their work did not end by delivering the project, but as well as giving advice on how to best use the website to attract traffic and customers.

Oct 1, 2019

A listening ear but also a helping hand!

If we have questions, they are always ready to help. An urgent question? They will always do their best to help us as soon as possible. Need an urgent adjustment within HubSpot? Johan takes care of it immediately. Something not clear about HubSpot? Johan explains it with pleasure and a lot of passion. It's a pleasure to work with Leadstreet. Always clear communication, fast and excellent service. A listening ear but also a helping hand. Just what we need!

Papier Present
Sep 25, 2019

Excellent partner to boost your digital strategy

I highly recommend leadstreet to all companies that want to invest in a state-of-the-art digital marketing strategy - which is essential nowadays. Leadstreet does not just implement Hubspot. Together with us, they are thinking about how to generate more business using Hubspot. They are professional, efficient, flexible, they know every detail of Hubspot, they play as a team and are precious advisors. You have to consider them as partners, who will help you stand out from the competition thanks to a stunning digital marketing strategy.

Acar'Up Consumer Health
Sep 23, 2019

Bring you Marketing Strategy to the next level!

Leadstreet is not just any company doing business in HubSpot. They are committed, enthusiastic, multi-functional people who personally guide us on our way to marketing integration and who have an appropriate answer to every question.

Sep 13, 2019

Thanks for the personal, direct and fluent contact

Everybody knows Hubspot, everybody likes their content and (maybe not) everybody gets the automatic mails from Hubspot.. But having this personal contact and support very specific related to my 'need', I was convinced in 30 minutes that I should try the basic paid version (which is very reasonable!) of Hubspot. I'm a marketing manager in what we call a 'KMO' (small - midsize company) in a B2B environment, happy to know that Hubspot comes to my specific need. I was looking to create and manage a database of the marketing managers of the companies we work with worldwide, I just want to send them regular updates on new marketing material that is available. The Contact/Company tab together with the Marketing feature to drag and drop e-mails is perfect for this! Thanks Johan, wouldn't have come to this idea of using Hubspot for this if you hadn't explained it that good :)

Maes Inox
May 23, 2019

Recommend them to anyone in need of HubSpot

After designing our website pages with another certified HubSpot partner that used a lot of code, we ended up with pages we couldn't work with ourselves. We decided to look further and talked to leadstreet. leadstreet helped us redesign our landing pages, project pages and website pages by creating modular templates we can adjust and change ourselves. Not only did they help us with the new pages, but they also respond very quickly, and they help you at any time. It's a pleasure to work with them, and I can recommend them to anyone in need of a HubSpot-related question.

Apr 30, 2019

Highly recommended

leadstreet did great a job implementing HubSpot for Sentia Belgium. A couple of months later we are already rolling out to Netherlands and Denmark too. Together we optimized the entire marketing automation process from A to Z, giving us the foundation for European growth. Most important, leadstreet is always there when you need them. They are swift to help us out with fixes, act on new requests and are a great sparring partner when having new ideas. Many thanks to the whole team, I would definitely recommend them when looking for a HubSpot-partner!

Sentia Belgium
Apr 16, 2019

5 stars

After comparing some Hubspot partners, we chose to work with Leadstreet and we did not regret this decision. They are very fast responsive and offer their services at a better rate. We asked Leadstreet to redesign our company templates for emailing and landing pages and to give their feedback on our account possibilities. After a short introductory meeting they understood fast what our need was and answered all our questions correct and quick. Their training for our employees how to use Hubspot optimal was very clear. Thank you for helping us to improve and optimize our Hubspot account and for the easy communication!

Tarkett Belux
Apr 16, 2019

Great service, even better follow-up

We asked Leadstreet to redesign our complete landing page template, including custom made modules. They delivered a very good, extensive and easy-to-use template with a lot more options than our previous one. Together with Leadstreet we keep improving and optimizing the template as we move forward. They are very quick to help us fix any bugs or add any extra elements we would like to add. Thanks for helping us out!

Apr 8, 2019

Top support

Took their time to introduce me to the free package of Hubspot including all the technical challenges faced with the integration of Outlook 365 on Mac. Microsoft could learn from them!

Yanick Vierendeels
Apr 8, 2019

Professional & effective work

Leadstreet did a great job during the setup of our blog and they have a profound knowledge of Hubspot. Communication works flawless and the follow-up in case of questions is fast and effective! Many thanks to their team!

Nov 22, 2018

Preferred partner we call upon without hesitation

As a content agency, we regularly join forces with leadstreet to develop and implement inbound strategies in Hubspot for joint customers. Experience teaches us that they are rightly called the leading HubSpot agency in Belgium. Their combination of deep, technical expertise and solid strategic insight is a perfect complement to our services. Because of leadstreet's no-nonsense approach and fast, transparent communication, they are a preferred partner we dare to call upon without hesitation. Successful projects for brands such as VELUX and Actiris speak for themselves. We are happy to recommend leadstreet to anyone who wants to take big leaps forward with content and inbound marketing.

Oct 22, 2018

Professional partner in HubSpot implementation.

We are working with Leadstreet for several years as a HubSpot partner for our Marketing Automation tool combined with our new website. The collaboration with this team is highly professional and methodical. That's why we also decided to use HubSpot as our new CRM tool for the coming years. I can recommend the two Johan's from Leadstreet as a trustworthy partner in implementing HubSpot. HubSpot is an excellent tool for effective lead management !

Bostoen NV
Oct 21, 2018

Great help for a difficult merge at every step

Leadstreet assisted us with the technical & strategic merge and migration within Hubspot of two totally different brands to one. This involved an overhaul of our entire Hubspot account: think of changing two blogs in 2 languages to five blogs in 2 languages, but also every e-mail, landing page, form or CTA... Thanks to Leadstreet, this operation was executed with a maximum effiency. I'd add with a minimum of effort, but it did took quite an effort from everyone involved.

Sep 25, 2018

Big Thanks

Big thank you to the Leadstreet team! Every step during the process of our project was dealt with in a very professional way. Always ready to answer all our questions and nothing is too much. We couldn't have wished for a better website builder/ hubspot implementor

Lamett Europe NV
Sep 21, 2018

Technical & strategic excellence

Evolving to inbound marketing has not been an easy journey. Fortunately we were lucky enough to find a partner like Leadstreet to not only advise us on which steps to take, but to also become actively involved in the project and push us to the limits. On top of that, they are a great sparring partner for any marketer or marketing department, able to successfully advise and help us with the challenges we faced, both strategic and technical.

Antwerp Management School
Sep 21, 2018

Local roll-out became a global roll-out

leadstreet has taken our digital marketing to the next level. The success of the Inbound Marketing / HubSpot project for AMPLEXOR Belgium led to a global roll-out for the entire AMPLEXOR Group in 21 countries

Sep 20, 2018

Masters of Inbound

We've come to know leadstreet as masters of Inbound and HubSpot. If you are just starting out or want to scale up your marketing and sales efforts, think about joining forces with leadstreet! The team is very down-to-earth and knows their stuff: highly recommended.

Aug 20, 2018

Great sales solution!

It's a great all-round tool. We use it specially for sales and it is a life saver and we didn't even do an upgrade (yet). The sales funnel is customizable which is fantastic. Hubspot is a just spot-on tool for DORST!

Aug 13, 2018

Great partner for your inbound marketing projects

A great partner to work with! We received great feedback to shape our ideas and achieve the best results. Projects are delivered as promised. Leadstreat is always ready to answer our questions and propose new opportunities. Recommended!

Aug 6, 2018

Hands-on advice for marketing & sales alignment

Leadstreet does a great job giving companies hands-on advice in their Marketing Automation journey. The people of Leadstreet combine business understanding and critical spirit with a hands-on approach to roll out a marketing automation project, fit to the nature of the business and the organisation. For a scale-up company like i3-Technologies, flexibility, agility, reactivity and budget were imporant parameters to choose our Hubspot partner. Leadstreet is coaching us for our Hubspot implementation. We chose to do a part of the projects by our own, and to rely on Leadstreet for strategic advice, for facilitating marketing & sales alignment and guiding us through the technical integration of Hubspot with our sales database & online learning platform. Down to earth people, good advice!

Aug 6, 2018

The best digital marketing agency I've come across

For many years I have had the pleasure of working with Hubspot in a variety of professional environments. When you call on external partners in this context, it is often a matter of waiting to see whether the partner is able to fulfil the promises. When you work with a partner, you want the partner to be there when you need him or her: often in the middle of a campaign, or when supporting complex questions, which often go wider than just Hubspot, especially in a hybrid IT environment. Since Hubspot was rolled out at Agoria, we have proudly been working with Leadstreet. We chose Leadstreet after an in-depth preliminary analysis. This partner is without a doubt the partner of choice for all Hubspot expertise, both in the field of marketing and development. Their pragmatic approach, their agile way of working, their eye for a successful result, their availability and their ability to see the broader picture that I can say in full confidence: this partner fulfils its promises.

Jun 1, 2018

Top-notch! Result-driven & great team to work with

I've had the pleasure of working with Leadstreet for two years at ADMB, collaborating on many projects (strategy, workflows, online marketing campagnes,...). Leadstreets ability to lead and organise complex projects (from strategy to implementation), while delivering high quality and results is unlike any I've seen before. They are a hard-working team that makes us feel like they care about the work they're doing. Any company would be lucky to have Leadstreets help lead their marketing effort!

May 18, 2018

Amazing HubSpot/Inbound partner!

Johan and the leadstreet team deliver deep HubSpot and inbound marketing expertise. From the very beginning, they helped us set up the pillars of our Inbound Marketing Strategy and make sure that we had all the necessary knowledge and assets to get started with HubSpot. If you are looking for a HubSpot/Inbound marketing partner, I really recommend you to get in touch with them, our experience has been great!

Asier Aranguiz
Mar 1, 2018

No-Nonsense Marketeers

Leadstreat understands us, our vision and how they can help us grow. FIrst marketing agency we've worked with that can actually deliver an ROI.

Arne Bassez
Feb 22, 2018

Good inbound marketing & Hubspot knowledge

Easy to work with, good advice, always ready to answer questions & look for the best solutions. They really know all the possibilities Hubspot has to offer!

Rob Woestenborghs
Mar 1, 2017

A strong partner with a down-to-earth approach

Leadstreet has proven to be a strong and professional partner. Not only for their smooth project management but also because of their pro-active and down-to-earth approach. In-depth knowledge is being shared with customers which enables my team to grow and become better content marketers.

An Steylemans
Jan 17, 2017

Great inbound marketing partner!

Great partner for inbound marketing, content services and web design. They've got everything you need to become successful with Hubspot!

Nick Poels
Jan 10, 2017

Excellent guidance, to the point advice

The guys at Leadstreet know what they are talking about, and they don't waste time implementing their advices. Diving right in after having a good listen to what your objectives are, and then - which is particularly nice - monitoring the results. We would recommend Leadstreet for sure.

Bram De Vos
Jan 8, 2017

Great partner!

leadstreet combines both technical and inbound marketing knowledge. Reaction time is quick, execution is swift. Lean & mean team, down-to-earth: just as it needs to be. Highly recommendable.

Hans De Loore
Jan 8, 2017

Platinum welverdiend! Wellicht op weg nr Diamond.

Hun troeven zijn: professionaliteit, beschikbaarheid, en vooral proactief meedenken met de klant. Top!

Joost Berghman
Jan 8, 2017

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