CM Organization Structured Data

Organization Structured Data

Help search engines quickly understand what your page is about

Google Search and other engines are working hard to understand the content of a webpage. You can do your part in this process by providing explicit clues on what your page content is about through organized structured data. Install leadstreet's custom module for HubSpot to get started. Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content.

Read more about Organization Structured Data in this blog post


Step 1: Add the module to your template 

  1. Go to the Design Manager and open your template 
  2. Add the CM Organization Structured Data 
  3. Save the template 

Step 2: Personalize the module if needed 

  1. The Structured Data module is by default set to retrieve company name and logo from the HubSpot site_settings variables and the Google blogpost AMP settings. 
  2. Check your AMP settings, replace in the slug xxxxxx with your HubID
  3. Check your company name, it's the name HubSpot is using in the footer of all your emails, replace in the slug xxxxxx with your HubID
  4. If you need to overrule the HubSpot data, go to the design manager and edit the module. Uncheck the use_hubspot_site_settings default setting. 
  5. Update the Fields 
  6. Save your changes 

Step 3: Test the structured data 

You can always test your structured data here





Structured Data

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