Papier Present

Inbound Marketing Strategy & HubSpot implementation

Papier Present has been an expert and wholesaler in reusable carrier bags and gift packaging for more than 50 years.


Inbound Marketing project plus HubSpot implementation (Marketing & CRM)

Papier Present is working with leadstreet to build their Inbound Marketing strategy and launch the new HubSpot blog

The full scope of the project:

  • Full Inbound marketing strategy and implementation
  • Setup HubSpot Marketing portal
  • Advice on setting up HubSpot CRM/Sales portal
  • Design and development HubSpot templates (Blog, Landingpage, ...)

Development Inbound Marketing-strategy

Development of Inbound Marketing plan (Buyer Persona, Inbound Funnel, Marketing-Sales alignment).

Setup HubSpot

Setting up the HubSpot marketing portal in function of the elaborated strategy. Design and development of HubSpot templates (blog, landingpage, thankyou page, ...). Advice on setting up the HubSpot CRM/Sales portal.


  • HubSpot Marketing
  • HubSpot CRM/Sales

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