Masonry with slideshow

Image Gallery masonry style with slideshow

Product Name: Masonry with slideshow
Internal Name: LS - Masonry with slideshow

Masonry list images + slideshow is a grid layout based on columns, but unlike other fixed grid layouts, the images do not have fixed height rows. When clicking the image if will turn into a slideshow

Module options:

  • Repeatable content
  • Default image width size
  • Specify gutter size between elements
  • You can switch to JSON to manage a lot of images instead of using the repeatable object.


Want to see this module in action?

Check out how it works by watching the video below:


HubSpot Video



You can also manage the images by using a JSON file, Example of data in JSON format is in step 2.

Step 1: Activate the "Use JSON instead", if this is activated it will get the images on the specified JSON file on the module. 


Step 2: Paste the JSON file on the module. Make sure to use the same format. 

Step 3: Publish Changes






Works with

Landing Page / Website Page


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