Accordion FAQ with Structured Data Output

Accordion FAQ Structured Data

Product Name: FAQ Structured data and HTML output
Internal Name: LS FAQ Structured data and HTML output

Display your FAQ with a twist. This module lets you display Accordion FAQs and its Structured Data.

FAQ structured data is a piece of code that you include on your site so that your list of FAQs can show not only on your webpage, but also on the Google SERP as a rich snippet and in Google Assistant when users do a voice search.


This module can be added on the template itself or if you are adding it to the page directly just add the structured module and proceed to Step 2

Step 1: Add the module to your template

  1. Go to the Design Manager and open your template
  2. Add the LS FAQ Structured data and HTML output module on your template
  3. Save the template

Step 2 : Personalize the module

  1. Edit the Page where you put the Module
  2. Fill up the fields inside the Module
  3. Save
  4. Update the Page

Step 3 : Test the Structured Data

You can always test your structured data here.





Structured Data

Works with

Blog / Landing Page / Website Page


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