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Johan Vantomme
Johan Vantomme
Mar 17, 2020 1:05:56 PM

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Does your company have branches in different physical locations that you want to show at a glance at Google Maps? Or do you offer different services at various locations? With our HubSpot Store locator-module, you can show them all on Google Maps, without a costly subscription. The only thing you need is an API key for Google Maps.

Store locator on Google Maps

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Show multiple locations on Google Maps

Integrating Google Maps on your website offers benefits, both for you and your customers. Companies that do not operate from one (fixed) location or have a decentralised sales model; however, soon encounter limitations.


We spontaneously think of some specific scenarios:

  • Your brand or product is available at various retailers, and you want to refer customers to the nearest distributor.
  • You have a company with multiple stores or offices located at different locations. You want to show them all on the map, including their specific services or product range.
  • You work with different partners that you want to list, including a filtering option. Think, for example, of filtering HubSpot partners, according to their tier: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • As a broker, you manage a portfolio with real estate suggested for sale or rent. You want to be able to display those locations plus the details of the real estate agent on the map.

Why choose this HubSpot Store locator-module?

Luckily, there are various user-friendly solutions for displaying multiple locations in Google Maps. Often, however, there is a price tag attached to it: a (monthly) paid subscription is required for a module.

The Store locator-module takes a different approach and offers a comparable solution without the subscription price tag. You only pay a one-off fee. The only thing you need is an API key for Google Maps, which you can easily create and integrate yourself.

Fyi - the use of the Google Maps Javascript API is a paid service, but since Google allocates 200 US dollars per billing account, you pay nothing as long as you generate no more than around 25,000 hits per day. Be aware that if your needs are higher, Google will charge you extra costs

What options does Store Locator module offer?

leadstreet's Store Mocator module offers numerous possibilities:

  • Add the module to a template
  • Add all your locations to the module, including their name, address, image, and their geolocation
  • State which services are available per location
  • Add pop-ups that show additional information and image per location


  • List your locations. This can be next to, above, or below the map.
  • Add a filter with which visitors can display the most relevant info via a drop-down menu.
  • When customers select a service, location, brand of product from a list, suitable sites show on the map.
  • Add JSON-LD structured data to inform Google about your store location, telephone number, opening hours, and more. However, only do this if you know how to use structured data correctly because incorrect use involves risks. You need to add the json in the correct format directly in the module
      • go to the design manager
      • search for "google map"
      • click to edit CM - Store locator on Google maps
      • replace the existing json with your updated json code

Do you want to see the module in action?

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Johan Vantomme

Johan Vantomme

Johan is one of the founders of leadstreet, Diamond HubSpot Partner. HubSpot certified on 8 levels. He knows how to link technical knowledge for developing websites to a large knowledge of online and the associated commercial and marketing side. Johan is a (former) sailing fanatic and a foodie.