LS - Store Locator on Google Maps with Radius

Store locator on Google Maps with Radius

Product Name: HubSpot Store locator on Google maps with Radius/Distance
Internal Name: LS Store Locator on Google Maps with Radius

Description: Does your company have branches in different physical locations that you want to show at a glance at Google Maps? Or do you offer different services at various locations? And do you need to list all of your stores or services on Google Maps and be able to show the nearest locations of a certain category? With our HubSpot Store locator with radius-module, you can do so, without a costly subscription.

  • This module needs a Google API key with :
    • Google Maps Javascript API,
    • Google Maps Places API &
    • Google Maps Distance Matrix API 

  • To populate your store you can use:
    • the repeatable element of the module (good for a limited set)
    • list the stores in a json format (good for a moderate number of stores)
    • leadstreet can link the module to HubDB(*) (good for a large number of stores)

(*) a one time setup-fee will  be charged to link the module to a HubDB

Read more about Leadstreet's Store locator module in this blog article.


You need a Google Map API key > click here



Manage your locations by using JSON. A built-in option. 

  • Enable Use JSON instead,
  • paste the JSON code below,
  • update your web page

And ready!







Works with

Landing Page / Website Page


We offer free support on all of our modules.  If you have any issues with this module contact our support team and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

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