Add structured ld+json data to your HubSpot blogposts and improve your SEO ranking

CM Blogpost Structured Data
Johan Vantomme
Johan Vantomme
17 November 2018

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Google Search and other engines are working hard to understand the content of a webpage a blogpost. But sometimes you can help a little providing explicit clues about the meaning of a page by including structured data. Structured data is a standardised format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content; for example, on a recipe page, what are the ingredients, the cooking time and temperature, the calories, and so on. This can also be set for blogpost, newsarticles,...

This module adds ld+json structured data to the html code so search engines understand better you blogpost.

This module can be used in your blog template.

How to install the custom module

Step 0:  HubSpot has removed our structured data modules from the marketplace.  HubSpot is working on a similar solution BUT the HubSpot solution is not available yet. In the mean time we sell the module direct. Contact us here and we will inject the module in your HubSpot portal. See the CM Blogpost Structured Data in action here.



Step 1 : Personalise the module if needed

  1. The module is default set to retrieve company name and logo from the HubSpot site_settings variables and the google blogpost AMP settings.
  2. Check here your AMP settings, replace in the slug xxxxxx with your hubid
  3. Check here you company name, its the name HubSpot is using in the footer of all your emails, replace in the slug xxxxxx with your hubid
  4. If you need to overrule the HubSpot data go to the designmanager en edit the module. Uncheck the use_hubspot_site_settings default setting.
  5. Update the Company Name and Company Logo
  6. Save

Step 2 Add the module to your blog template

  1. Go to the designmanager and open your blog template to edit
  2. Add you CM Blogpost Structured Data module in the body part of the template
  3. Save the template
  4. Ready

step 3 : test the structured data

You can always test your structured data here

Johan Vantomme

Johan Vantomme

Johan is one of the founders of leadstreet, Diamond HubSpot Partner. HubSpot certified on 8 levels. He knows how to link technical knowledge for developing websites to a large knowledge of online and the associated commercial and marketing side. Johan is a (former) sailing fanatic and a foodie.