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Johan Vantomme
Johan Vantomme
16 November 2018

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A HubSpot blog can not be staged, and is always directly live. Sometimes you want to keep it a little secret so you can finish the design the first articles before everybody can admire it. This module can help you out!

This module doesn't affect to your SEO because it won't block the content from displaying. This module will display a popup asking for the password on the top of your content.

This module is not the most secured way to protect your content. The module asks for a password when the blog is accessed and set a cookie. A password is not asked when you access the HubSpot CMS.

If you are looking to lock your blog on a real login you can ask us for a quote. But that solution won't be useful for most of the blogs (because won't be indexed by any search engine like Google).

This module can be used in your blog template

How to install the custom module:

Step 0 (only if you don't have yet the module in your portal): Visit our marketplace, choose the Simple browser login custom module and click "Purchase module"

Step 1 : Personalise the module

  1. Got to the HubSpot design manager and open/ edit the Module
  2. in the JS part of the module the password is set to leadstreet2020 you can change it if needed and save the module
  3. in the CSS part of the module you can change the colors of the overlayer popup and font.

Step 2 Add the module to your blog template

  1. You can add the module on the blog listings by drag and drop
  2. You can add the module on a single blogpost
  3. If you want to add the module to the blogobject itself watch the instruction video in the knowledge base


Johan Vantomme

Johan Vantomme

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