Owner Rotation in HubSpot with the PocketKnife add-on

Johan Vantomme
Johan Vantomme
11 December 2023



Managing ownership rotations for deals, leads, or contacts can become challenging in HubSpot when team members go on vacation or take a leave of absence. Should you update workflows manually, or is there an automated solution available? 


This blog post explores the best practices for HubSpot lead rotation during team members' absence and introduces an innovative solution – the "Owner Rotation" workflow action in PocketKnife.

Enter leadstreet's PocketKnife

After years of closely collaborating with clients, leadstreet recognized the need for a versatile tool that extends beyond the standard HubSpot offerings. 

This realization gave birth to PocketKnife, an add-on designed to enhance your portal and streamline business processes. Unlike a magical wand, PocketKnife is a multi-functional tool, offering features like deal cloning, efficient file management, and this "Owner Rotation" workflow.

What is Owner Rotation?

In Sales and Marketing, Lead/Owner Rotation is simply dividing incoming sales leads among your team members so they can reach out to leads, learn about their requirements, offer advice on products and services, and nurture them into sales.

Some factors to consider include each team member's specialization by account size, location, industry, or product segment. Additionally, you can look at their current performance vs sales targets and any temporary or permanent movements within the team. 

In PocketKnife, the "Owner Rotation" workflow action introduces a mechanism to automate the assignment and rotation of owners for HubSpot records. 

This dynamic feature operates based on dropdown values or predefined keys, providing a sophisticated solution to manage ownership in various scenarios.

What are its key functionalities?

Learn what drives the workflow action for how to rotate a record to an owner on HubSpot, especially when you have new Sales team members or when some go on holiday.

We share two features:

  • Automated Owner Assignment – Get rid of manual owner assignments that can sometimes be based on a lack of full context on what’s happening with the team. All you need to do is start defining your criteria, and the "Owner Rotation" action automates the process.
  • Structured Rotation Logic – You can establish rotation patterns aligned with your business requirements using dropdown values or predefined keys, ensuring equitable distribution and effective management of leads, deals, or contacts. 

Some owner rotation use cases.

Now that we understand how to rotate a record to an owner on HubSpot, we can look at scenarios where businesses can apply this. We've based many of these use cases on what happens in some of our client's sales teams.

  • Real Estate - You can automatically assign and rotate leads for real estate to contact owners based on dropdown values like property type (commercial, residential, etc.), location, or sales targets. This helps you assign new deals and opportunities to the best salespersons for the job and to the people in your team who need it most so they can meet their targets.  
  • Lead Distribution - Efficiently distribute leads among sales representatives based on rotation strategies considering factors such as lead source, industry, or geographic region.  
  • Territory Management - You can focus reseller or sales distribution activity to owners based on predefined keys related to specific territories, ensuring balanced workload distribution among sales teams.

How do you rotate a record to an owner on HubSpot?

Below is a practical example illustrating how to distribute leads among Sales Representatives using PocketKnife.

PK image 450x350-png

  • Step 1: Set up the deal-based rotation strategy in PocketKnife.  
  • Step 2: Select a default owner as a fallback (different from sales representatives).  
  • Step 3: Choose the deal property (e.g., Country) and set owners with distribution keys per country.
  • Step 4: Create a deal-based workflow with the Owner Rotation workflow action.
  • Step 5: Create a task to inform sales reps.  
  • Step 6: Review and publish the workflow; your deals will be automatically rotated.

Regarding Dynamic Weightage and Collaborative Handling, you can refine your rotation strategy by assigning different percentages to owners based on dropdown selections.

In scenarios requiring collaboration, use the action to assign multiple owners simultaneously, fostering joint efforts on complex opportunities.

Why get Owner Rotation and PocketKnife? 

Our team’s journey alongside clients shed light on the pressing need for a comprehensive tool that could bridge the gaps left by standard HubSpot functionalities.

For example, the "Owner Rotation" workflow step in PocketKnife resulted from frequently asked questions about optimizing ownership management. Our interactions with businesses highlighted common issues like:  

  • Limited Functionalities in HubSpot: Many clients discovered they had some requirements beyond HubSpot's standard offerings. As their businesses grew, they needed specialized tools to cater to their unique needs. These functionalities were not readily available within the HubSpot ecosystem, prompting them to seek external solutions.
  • Functionalities Available on Advanced Licenses: While HubSpot does offer advanced functionalities, they are often available on Pro and Enterprise licenses. Small and medium-sized businesses found it challenging to justify this, restricting their ability to leverage the potential of HubSpot fully.

But what makes PocketKnife the preferred choice for businesses seeking enhanced functionalities like Owner Rotation for their HubSpot portals? 

  • User-Friendly Experience: PocketKnife stands out for its intuitive design and user-friendly interface. Unlike complex solutions that require custom coding or the involvement of developers, PocketKnife simplifies the entire process. Its seamless integration into HubSpot ensures businesses can harness its power without requiring intricate technical knowledge or specialized expertise.  
  • No Custom Coding, No Developer Dependency: PocketKnife offers accessibility. It democratizes advanced functionalities, making them available to a broader audience. Businesses, predominantly led by marketing teams, can now expand their capabilities without custom coding or developer dependence constraints. This accessibility empowers marketers to take the reins, unleashing the full potential of HubSpot without the complexities associated with traditional software integration. 
  • Empowering Sales Teams: We crafted PocketKnife to empower sales teams with a fundamental understanding of HubSpot's core features. Seamlessly integrating with HubSpot augments the toolkit available to sales managers. With PocketKnife, sales reps and business development executives can easily move past the limitations of basic functionalities, explore new horizons, and execute sophisticated sales strategies.

So, PocketKnife fills the functionality gaps within HubSpot while offering accessibility and value for money. It puts the control back in the hands of businesses, allowing them to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

Streamline Deal Assignment with this HubSpot's Add-On

By aligning owner assignments with dropdown values or predefined keys and with intelligent automation, this feature ensures fairness, efficiency, and strategic allocation of resources across your sales processes. If you install PocketKnife, you can experience the seamless automation of owner rotation in HubSpot.  

Incorporating the app into your HubSpot portal is a transformative step toward optimizing your business processes. With its diverse features, PocketKnife empowers you to work smarter, not harder. Leap and experience the efficiency, productivity, and flexibility it brings to your HubSpot experience. 

Ready to enhance your HubSpot portal? Install PocketKnife today and revolutionize the way you manage your business processes. Take it for a spin: https://pocketknife.leadstreet.be/

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