Video Slider with Filter

Transform your website into a dynamic video hub with leadstreet's Video Slider module for HubSpot. Now, you can effortlessly showcase your video collections in an interactive slider and enhance user engagement by categorizing your content for easy filtering by topic.

Learn how to create a video carousel with leadstreet's custom module for HubSpot.

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Elevate Your Video Showcase Experience!

Showcase your video collections in an interactive slider. Attract more visitors to your website and capture their attention with a series of videos that tell your brand's story. 

From staff profiles to customer stories or how-to's for using your products and services -- this custom module for HubSpot lets you enhance user engagement by categorizing your content for easy filtering by topic. 

A great way to accomplish this without web development skills is through a video slider or carousel.

Key features of the video carousel:

  • Dynamic Video Slider: Capture your audience's attention with an enticing slider that beautifully showcases your video collections. Whether you're highlighting product demos, educational content, or promotional material, leadstreet's Video Slider module for HubSpot ensures a captivating visual experience.

  • Categories for Easy Filtering: Organize your videos seamlessly by adding categories, allowing your visitors to filter content based on their specific interests. Enhance user navigation and deliver a personalized viewing experience tailored to their preferences.

  • Video Thumbnail Images: Make an impactful first impression with eye-catching video thumbnail images. Our module ensures that each video is represented by a visually appealing preview, enticing visitors to explore your content further.

  • Seamless Video Playback: Facilitate an immersive experience by allowing users to play your videos directly within the slider. Keep your audience engaged and encourage exploration with seamless video playback functionality.

  • Fully Customizable and User-Friendly: Tailor the module to match your brand effortlessly. leadstreet's Video Slider is fully customizable, seamlessly integrating with your website's design. Its user-friendly interface guarantees a hassle-free experience for you and your visitors.

Ready to transform your video showcase? Immerse your audience in a visually stunning journey—integrate leadstreet's Video Slider with Filter Module for HubSpot today and take your video presentation to new heights!

The classic rock song collection

The video slider module makes adding a Video Slider to your webpage easy. Show off collections of your videos. The video gallery also allows you to filter based on topics, show video thumbnail images and
play your videos. 

We put together a series of classic rock song music videos in this example. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the entire playlist. Use the filter on the right to select videos based on categories like Heavy metal, Hard rock, Rock, Blues rock, Rock and roll, Stoner rock or Speed metal.

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