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HubSpot Module:
Manage Multiple Locations or Services On Google Maps with options to search for locations.

Need to list all of your stores or services on Google Maps and be able to show the nearest locations of a certain category? Our Google Map Positioner can list all of your stores on Google Maps. Just provide the store details on the fields.
(You need a Google Map Javascript & Google Places API for this module)

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What can you do with the module?

  • Add the module to a template
  • Add all your stores in the module (name, address, image, geolocation, …)
  • Or add your services to a map on a different location
  • Your stores/services will be positioned on the map, and a popup can show extra data+ image
  • Your stores/services can be listed (above, below, left, right  of the map)
  • You can add a filter showing a dropdown on the top
  • You can search for locations and specify the distance.
  • Selecting a service/location on the list high-lights the  marker on the map
  • You can add ld+json struct data to tell Google about the store, telephone, opening hours
    (Beware: struct data can be dangerous if you do not use it correctly!)
  • one time fee, no recurring monthly payment as for other Google map solutions

You need a Google Map API -key


Want to see this module in action?

Check out how it works by watching the video below:


HubSpot Video



You can also manage the locations by using a JSON file, Example of data in JSON format is in step 2.

Step 1: Activate the "Use JSON instead", if this is activated it will get the locations on the specified JSON file on the module. 


Step 2: Paste the JSON file on the module. Make sure to use the same format. 

Step 3: Publish Changes