Stats Counter

Stats Counter

Product name: Stats Counter
Internal name: LS - Stats Counter

Elevate Your Website's Stats Presentation!

Want to captivate your website visitors and make your statistics shine? Look no further!

With our cutting-edge HubSpot Module, you can showcase your data in a truly creative and engaging manner. Say goodbye to boring numbers and percentages—welcome a new era of data visualization.


  • Design your own layout, both shape and color
  • Animated numbers and percentages
  • Showcase an icon or icon image
  • Choose container width
  • Display up to 4 statistics in a row

**SOON AVAILABLE on HubSpot's Marketplace**


Step 1Drag and drop the module to your webpage

Step 2: Customize the options according your preferences

Configure your options such as container width, counter layout, number or percentage.

Customize the look and feel

Setup your counters


Step 3: Save your page and ready!






Works with

Landing Page / Website Page


We offer free support on all of our modules.  If you have any issues with this module contact our support team and we will be happy to answer your questions. 

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