Advanced pop-up

Are you looking for a pop-up module that is flexible and advanced? This module lets you control your pop-up's look and location. To add up its advanced feature can let you control how frequently you can show it. 

Note: You might need to update the cookie policy of your site

Show pop-up when the page loads.

This pop-up will show on load but based on the "Expiry Feature of this module." 

The Expiry Feature of this module lets you decide when to show the pop-up. You can choose from once a day, once a week, once a month, once per hour, or always show it.

This pop-up is set to "always show". Want to see it in action again? Just reload the page :-) 

Show pop-up on click

This pop-up will show when you click the link below :)

Click this to show the pop-up

Option: hide pop-up on mobile

This pop-up is configure to only show on desktop

Click this to show the pop-up