Inbound Marketing project and integrations (HubSpot)

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Inbound Marketing project and CRM integrations (HubSpot)

Bostoen/Jummat partnered up with leadstreet to implement an Inbound Marketing Strategy in their new website (Craft CMS).
The full scope of the project:
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Setup HubSpot Marketing portal
  • Integration website (Craft CMS)
  • Synchronisation SalesForce (CRM)
  • Syncrhonisation external partners (Fortissimo)

Inbound Marketing implementation

We implemented the Inbound Marketing strategy in HubSpot and linked it to the new Bostoen website. 


Bi-directional synchronisation between HubSpot Marketing Hub and SalesForce CRM. Integrations with external partners (Fortissimo) through HubSpot API.

Technologies used


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