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A landing page is the home base for marketing campaigns and has a singular goal: to convert visitors. 


What is your best landing page?

How do you know if it’s working or not, and how can we help you make sure that all of the pieces on this website work to support one another in their respective goals.

  • Keeping your messaging above the fold
    One major reason why you should use landing pages in the first place? To ensure that your message matches up with what people are seeing on their screens before they scroll down.
  • Focus on one conversion goal.
    But the temptation to include unnecessary links is always there, including site navigation and other calls-to-action; but resist this urge! Your landing page will work best if it stands alone with nothing else distracting from your single purpose.
  • Copywriting is key
    When it comes to copy, brevity is the soul of wit. It doesn’t matter if your offer needs long-form or short-form—shorten it! If you can say what you need in a paragraph, try putting each point on its own line and list them out one by one. 

Test your landing pages

With the time and effort you put into your site, it's important to check on how your landing pages are performing. A/B testing is one of the best ways to ensure that conversions will be at their peak for every potential customer visiting them!

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